Myassista believes everyone needs "family" support.

We provide creative and flexible care solutions to support individuals with a disability, the elderly and those in need to live independently and thrive. Support from individuals who come from a service background and understand the value and honor of helping and serving others.

We offer you the best support


NIISQ provides eligible people with high-quality attendant care and support services and supports them in their daily living activities and participation in the community.

Independent Living

A service where personal carers and trained support workers provide you with assistance in your home to enable you to live a life that is independent, active, and inclusive.

Department of Veteran Affairs

Myassista is an approved DVA VHC Service provider for Domestic Assistance, Personal Care, Respite Care and Social Assistance.

Cottage Respite

Cottage Respite Services provide the right environment and caring assistance to give back a little freedom to a senior family member or a loved one.

Services we offer

Domestic care & household tasks

This will range from cleaning, laundry tasks, meal preparation, decluttering, shopping and any other tasks which is required to assist you with managing your everyday life.

​Travel & transport

Transporting you where you need to go to help you live your life as you desire. Including locations like Hairdresser/Barber, shopping, destination transfers, church, medical appointments, hospitalisation - to and from, services and school runs.

Daily personal activities

​This will vary depending on your needs. It includes a range of activities such as showering, dressing, toileting, change of dressings, mobility and communication. These are basic needs which you may need help with to live a normal life.

Personal training

Myassista works in partnership with a qualified Personal Trainer to help you achieve your fitness and physical goals. Workout Welfare specialises in individual programs tailored to your goal.

About Myassista

The Myassista team come from service orientated backgrounds, and genuinely care for the people we support.  We believe human connection is vital and what we do is more than a transaction.  We want to assist you to recuperate, recover or help you have more time with your family. 

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