Department of Veteran Affairs - DVA

Myassista is an approved DVA VHC Service Provider for:
Domestic Assistance, Personal Care, Respite Care and Social Assistance.
Domestic Assistance
Domestic assistance refers to household chores to maintain and manage everyday activities in a safe, secure and healthy home environment.
Personal Care
Personal care refers to assistance with self care tasks an individual is unable to do for themselves in order to help them maintain standards of hygiene and grooming.
Respite Care
Respite care gives a break to a carer by temporarily relieving then of their caring responsibilities.  The provision of respite may occur while the carer is absent from the home.
Social Assistance
Social assistance is a specific support for a group of people who are deemed eligible.  The Social assistance may include: Coordinated Veterans Care, Community based socialisation or home based socialisation and limited accompanied outings.

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