About us

My name is Cedar Anderson. I am the founder of Myassista.

We specialise in providing care and support services to those in need. Our clients include the elderly, NDIS participants and others.

In 2017 after having major surgery, I needed this support myself. I was unable to drive but I needed to work. A friend volunteered to help me. However, I remember thinking, what would I have done, without that help. It got me reflecting about what others go through, often alone. And so, I started Myassista to help those people.

Since 2018 we have been assisting the elderly and those with disabilities or in need. Many of our clients do not have a strong family or friend network around them. And as a result, we found that they often felt overwhelmed, anxious, and alone. 

Why choose us?

To solve these problems, we provide in home care services to assist with daily living. This includes personal care, nursing, household and living tasks. We also provide respite and supported independent living services. 

We are on a mission to ensure that those that need help, receive it. Support is a basic human need. There are times when that need is greater. This can be because of illness, disability, stage of life or specific event. Not everyone has a network of family or friends around them who can provide the care they need at that time. It is our passion to provide that support at those times. And we do it with compassion, care, and respect.

Ultimately, we give our clients the freedom to live life on their terms. They feel supported, cared for and most of all respected. They have peace of mind knowing we are there for them.